Computer Hardware Supply, Installation and Support

We can supply affordable and reliable computer hardware and
perform installation. We will train your staff and provide continuous
Suppliers of unusual computer hardware such as Wireless devices, Touch and Multimedia products.

Computer Repairs

Repairs to any computer hardware can be arranged at any time, on site or in the workshop. We are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Computer Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance schedules are designed to keep your computers going. This also means that your hardware will always be performing at its peak. One off computer optimisations are also available

Computer Upgrades

We can upgrade any hardware to the latest eg motherboards, hard
drives, memory etc. You won’t have to worry about conflict headaches.
All hardware is competitively priced and guaranteed for 1 year.

IT Networking

We can setup any Windows based networks.
Configuring of shared devices ie Internet access, drives, printers, modems etc.
Testing and troubleshooting
Cable, ADSL & Wireless Networking,

Internet Support

Websites designed to your specification to promote your business.
Business or Home Internet setup.
Wireless Internet solutions.

Computer Backup, Security, Remote Access

We can implement a backup strategy which will ensure your data
is safe. Network security issues can also be addressed. Miscellaneous
computer services such as remote access to your systems can be
implemented in an easy and affordable manner.